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Photo of Helen Lawrence

Helen Lawrence

Specialized Services Coordinator

Phone: 780-939-4341 Ext. 1265

Photo of Jesica Logan

Jesica Logan

Office Assitant

Phone: 780-939-4341 Ext. 1272

Home Facilitators

Photo of Chris Brett

Chris Brett

Home Facilitator

Photo of Marcy Bruce

Marcy Bruce

Home Facilitator

Photo of Sarah Piers

Sarah Piers

Home Facilitator

Photo of Kamala Young

Kamala Young


Photo of Lauren Atkinson

Lauren Atkinson

Behaviour Consultant

Photo of Ashley Coote

Ashley Coote

Speech-Language Pathologist

Photo of Kim Fraser

Kim Fraser

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Jenni Maas

Jenni Maas

Physical Therapist

Photo of Kate Watt

Kate Watt

Psychologist/Occupational Therapist

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