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What is Find Your Village?

Find Your Village is a unique opportunity for community members to join together for conversation, connection and fun activities. This is fully supported by SPS Disability Services and Redwater Hype.


Our Goal: Our goal was to provide a space where adults could come together to meet, to talk and to learn from one another. Our hope is that you will feel supported and valued, while connecting with other caring community members.


What: Topics and conversations are determined by the group


When: Virtual events will be held one a month


How to Join: Find your Village Facebook Page Watch for emails and texts. Registration is required prior to the Virtual event


Who: Everyone is welcome to participate in Find Your Village



Increase social support network

Increase engagement and participation in community

Promote positive community norms

Access information and resources

Share experiences

Strengthen relationships

Support one another

Connect with other people

Learn a new skill

Shared joy

Did I mention connection?

Have fun!


            Some People look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.

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